Tuesday, January 2, 2018

My Word for 2018

Every year we make a list of resolutions for the upcoming year.  The lists are always the same and almost universal.  I'm going to lose the extra weight.  I'm going to exercise every day and be more fit.  I'm going to eat healthy food.......yada yada yada!

I was asked yesterday if I had a WORD for the year.  Just one word, one goal.  A new perspective that I have never heard of.  She told me my word should be HEALING.  I was in agreement with that word as I needed to heal my body and soul.

But, today I ran across a blog and guess what?  She was sharing her Word for 2018!  So I guess it's not such a novel idea, I'm just a little slow to catch on.  So I continued to read her blog post and I have decided that my WORD FOR 2018 will be GROWTH.

Even though I need to heal, that healing has already begun.  I had a major surgical procedure in 2017 which will ward off having to have two MAJOR surgeries in the near future.  I finally faced a major crutch in my life that was killing me physically and mentally.  Facing the truth head on that nothing was going to change, the lies would always continue.  Moving forward with a divorce has begun the healing of my soul.  So my healing has already begun.

But, GROWTH.  This word touched me deeply today because growth is what I need to move forward.

Growth mentally - to realize that I am worth it and the growing back of my security and self-confidence.

Growth physically - to strengthen my body to ward off any mental or physical ailments that may hinder me.

Growth financially - to grow my business.  My business, my commodity, is ME. 

I work with my hands as an artist.  I design jewelry, both beading and from raw materials.  I have kilns, grinding machines, torches, any tool imaginable, all with the goal of creating a unique piece of jewelry.

I work with textiles.  I sew, crochet, knit and work with paper.  There are so many ways to grow my business with these talents.

I work with words and thoughts.  I design websites.  My own, which I am rebuilding from the ground up.  I am searching for a trademark that is uniquely me.  It is floating in my brain, but the final has not been determined.  I have designed web pages for several of my friends and for a local bead society, but these deserve their own blog post.

I use my camera for product photography.  I personally photograph the jewelry or other art on the web pages that I have designed. 

GROWTH!  It is a word and goal I can reach for.....growing my business, growing my Facebook and Blog followers.  In growing my business, I also grow the businesses of my friends and future clients.

I am a very organized person and I have lost that along with everything else personally in the last few years.  Stress can do that.  It almost killed my soul.  So in this growth, I will regain my organizational skills and record my growth.  How do you know you have grown unless you record it.

I have a plan and will use my 2018 Word of the Year to gain it!  GROWTH!!! 

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What is your WORD FOR 2018?  Comment below and let me know.

Monday, January 1, 2018

A Little Touch of Magic.....The Dutch Touch Way

Today's inspiration is only half of the wonderful duo known as the Dutch Touch.  Meet Marlaine Verhelst from the Netherlands!

Marlaine Verhelst

I had attended previous art doll workshops and my instructor (and great friend), Anne Hesse (you will meet Annie in a later blog post), knowing how much I enjoyed the art of making dolls invited me to a workshop she was hosting in 2014.  The traveling duo is better known as the Dutch Touch.

I had already fallen in love with doll making with my Garden Party doll, but this sealed my fate forever and you will be seeing my own creations in the future.  Hopefully, I will even manage to let some go, but at the moment they are my treasured children so we will see how long it takes for me to actually put one up for sale.

My first hand-sculpted art doll was from the workshop FishBoy.  He is a boy riding around playing in his fish car.  Although the technique for the doll was very structured, we were given our own creative license with color and decorative accents.  My family deemed my FishBoy as very scary and reminded them of a Davey Bowie character from Labyrinth.  So meet Jareth.

Jareth by Deborah Apodaca

I am proud to say I have become close friends with some of the woman attending this workshop. Other doll and mixed media artists.  Although we live far distances from each other, we have reunited at another Dutch Touch workshop and keep in touch via Facebook.  

Marlaine and her Dutch Touch partner, Ankie, travel the world teaching their craft and come to our area every two years.  In 2016, although we were given a choice of making one doll, we were instructed on both the BirdGirl and Pierrot.  

 Pierrot by Deborah Apodaca

I am especially proud of my Pierrot, who has of yet not been given a name, as I was able to sculpt the perfect lips.  Hands are a struggle for me, but they will get better with practice.  My beautiful doll also has his own doll.

In February of 2018, the Dutch Touch will be arriving again to share their magic.  Our choices are the FishBoy for those who haven't attended this workshop and the Steampunk Girl, designed at our request.

You can find more information on Marlaine and her wonderful art dolls using the following links.  If you want to have a great time while learning the art of making dolls, check out her calendar to see when she will be in your area or you can learn online at A For Artistic.  You will not be sorry!

Although my studio and art supplies are in storage while I prepare to sell my house, I have already begun the sketching of my first art doll design, Disguised.  She will be unveiled much later this year as I first have to find a new home and get my studio put back together.

I would love to hear your comments and please share my page with others!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Remember Not All Tools Are Universal.......

Over the years I have done many crafts and have TONS of tools in all shapes and forms.  And you find later that a tool made for one craft works wonders for another activity.

Many years ago I taught ceramics.  I had hundreds of molds with a pouring table along with brushes and paints of all varieties.  One of the best carving tools I have found is actually not made for ceramics.  They are dental tools.  They score and carve better than any ceramic tool, but watch out because they are VERY sharp.

My kiln is a massive piece of equipment that has given me over 20 years of service and still going.  First, with ceramics.  I then accidentally found myself with a custom tile business.  Went to a tile company to get some 6x6 to make trivets for gifts and started making custom backsplashes and accent tiles for kitchens and baths for the local tile companies.  My kiln has recently been given the job of slumping wine and liquor bottles to make beautiful one-of-a-kind serving trays.  It will soon be making custom glass art pieces.

Old hammers and chisels made wonderful metal impression tools.  My embossing folders for making cards double as clay molds.  The list goes on and on.

BUT, some tools are just not intended for any purpose but what they are originally made for.  Paint brushes are made specifically for a certain type of paint or technique.  To use them with another medium will ruin them.

And, as I have just discovered the hard way, an embossing heating tool is only for embossing.  My heat gun just OVERheated and has died.  So, please don't use your embossing gun for anything, but embossing, as they do not like being used overlong to dry gesso.  So embossing gun is now in the trash and I am using a hair dryer on medium setting to speed up the drying process for my art journal.

Sometimes, you just have to learn the hard way.