Friday, March 28, 2014

EXCITING events in the horizon!!!!

I am getting so excited, no ECSTATIC, about being able to attend the following classes!!!

Anne Hesse is coming to town and we are making dolls!  Anne Hesse, who I am proud and honored to call my friend, is a nationally known artist and doll maker!

Annie's donation to Locks of Love

Here is a brief biography from her webpage.
"...After dabbling in a variety of art forms, Anne made her mark in the  field of contemporaty basketry, teaching and creating innovative approaches to construction.  She consistently pushed the nickel and her work is included in many private and corporate collections.  In the late 1980's Anne's focus turned to creating figures and that is here her passioon has remained.  She has been the subject of numerous newspaper and magazine articles, was commissioned to create a 3 1/2 foot doll for the televisionn series "Central Park West", had a small piece purchased for the film "Grumpier Old Men" and has twice been invited to participate in the White House Christmas Collection of American artists, 1992 and 1999.  Anne's work can be seen in Susanna Oroyan's books, "Anatomy of a Doll", "Designing the Doll", and "Finishing the Doll".

Anne's work is also represented in 2 of Patti Culea's books, and in Martha Le Van's "Making Creative Cloth Dolls".  Anne was the featured doll artist in the Spring, 2006, issue of Art Doll Quarterly, in a wonderful 10 page segment.  Currently, Anne is collaborating with Pattie Culea and Laura McCabe in co-authoring a new book, "Beading for Cloth Dolls".............."

Annie will be teaching a doll making class at Beads and Baubles in Fort Pierce, Florida, on April 6 & 7, 2014!

 These are the wonderful swatches that my doll is going to be made with.

Can't wait to see the final doll.  We are going to be beading and completing the head (maybe doing the skirt embellishments?) and Beads and Baubles will be closed for both of these days so there are no interruptions in the class.  

If you are interested in attending this class and meeting Annie, call Susan at Beads and Baubles at (772) 468-0207!  Spaces are limited!  Here is a sampling of Annie's WONDERFUL dolls!

Make sure you check out Annie and her work on her webpage, Annie Dolls and at Etsy and you can also follow her on Facebook!

ALSO, in the horizon are classes with Patrick Duggan of Australia!!!

Initially, I was unable to attend his classes and meet Patrick because it coincides with my 35th high school class reunion.  You can't imagine how close the scales were tipping not to attend my class reunion!!!  BUT, Patrick added an additional day and YES, I got a spot for both classes that day!!!!!

Patrick is such a wonderful inspiration in hand-beaded jewelry!  His artistry is amazing and colors are breathtaking!!!

Patrick will be traveling to the States from his home in Australia to attend the 2014 Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee, WI, and then will continue his travels to Florida with Anne Hesse to teach a series of classes at the Bead Society of Central Florida from June 12-15.  Anne has graciously opened her home to Catherine King and I while we attend these classes and will also be hosting Patrick.

Here are the classes I will be taking from Patrick!


Diamond Kiss

These are the other classes Patrick will be teaching that weekend!

Green Dagger Pendant (so wanted to do this one!!!)

Antoinette 2 Bracelet

Again, these classes are limited, so contact the Bead Society of Central Florida, if you are interested in any of these classes!

Here are a few photos from Patrick's gallery!  It astounds me what beautiful beadwork this MAN can do!!!  Do I sound jealous?  YES!!!!!!!!!!!


You can check out more of Patrick's wonderful work at Bead Mavens blog, his personal blog, his Etsy Store and Artfire.  You can also follow Patrick on Facebook!

I will be leaving directly from Patrick's classes to drive to South Carolina, for the 35th Lexington High School Reunion!  I moved to Florida in 1990 and haven't seen any classmates in a long, long time!  I was the very geeky unpopular girl and I hope I will remember a few friendly faces!  Go, WILDCATS!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wonderful Weekend at The Great Bead Escape!

I had such a wonderful time at The Great Bead Escape this weekend!  The Retreat is put on by Ronda Stevens and Jennifer Shibona.  I attending my first retreat two years ago and was so sad to miss last year because of health issues.  It is such a great time and already I can't wait until next year!

Here is a photo of my completed pieces from this year's Retreat.

This year's Retreat was held at the Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center in Leesburg, Florida.  We were truly blessed with a beautiful sunrise every morning!

It was so wonderful to connect with old friends and make new ones!  Here are just a few of the lovely women who attended the Retreat: Connie Humphrey, Michele Marotto, Debbie Broome, Rena Woodley, Colleen Hilton, Traci Remillard, Marion Metakes and Dee Whitener.

My roommate at this year's retreat was the enameling instructor, Renee Kelley.  Unfortunately for Renee, we had tons in common and didn't get much rest, talking into the night!

Here are some photos from each of the classes held this weekend.

Denise Baker taught the lampwork beading class.  She teaches lampworking at the St. Lucie County Rock and Gem Club in Port St. Lucie, Florida. 

Ed Stevens taught the Cabbing Class.  His lovely wife, Ronda, is one of the coordinators for the Retreat!


Gary Davis taught the Etching and Engraving Copper classes.  He has invented his own tools to make these projects more portable.

Genny Smith of New-Bel taught the Double Vision Chainmaille Necklace and Crystal Line Up Bracelet Classes.  She gives private lessons and teaches at both St. Lucie County Rock and Gem Club and Beads and Baubles in Fort Pierce, FL.  You can also check out Genny's blog and Etsy store.

Holly Merton taught the Cold-Working Charm Bracelet and Soldered Window Pendant Classes.  Holly is the Manager at Avalon Bead Store and you can also follow her blog.

Jenny Shibona of Mad Chiwawa Designs taught the Crystal Clay Pendant and the Victorian Charm Bracelet Classes.  

Michelle McCarthy of Firefly Design Studio taught the Ceramic & Glass Mosaic Pendant and Paint Your Own Pottery Beads classes.  You can also follow her blog and on Etsy.

Renee Kelley (my roomie!) of Mountain Laurel Studios taught the Intro to Enameling and Enamel Bracelet classes.  Her webpage is not up yet, but keep a lookout for

Rhonda Bergman taught the Loomed Bracelet and the Vikings Knit Bracelet Classes.  She is the owner of Avalon Bead Store and a HUGE OUTLANDER FAN!!!!

Susan Sudnik taught the Denim to Diamonds 2 Wrap Bracelet and Designing with Kumihimo classes.  You can find Susan at Bead-n-Sisters.

Ronda Stevens taught the Soldered Scroll Necklace and Tiffany Bracelet & Earrings classes.  You can find Ronda at Twist n Turns.

Trude Spillane taught the Introduction to Silver Metal Clay and Silver Metal Clay Ring classes.  You can find Trude at the Avalon Bead Store and on Etsy.

Here are a few photos from the Retreat!

Everyone has out their phone exchanging phone numbers and Facebook information!!!

All the students were allowed to bring two pieces to the Retreat and everyone voted on their favorite piece!  Sad to say I was hammering and missed the winner (I just know it WASN'T me!).

And here are my completed projects!!!

I completed three engraved copper cuffs.  I have three etched copper cuffs, but Gary's etching solution was having issues.  Going to finish them at home, now that I know the technique.

Crystal Clay.  Not something I would have purchased to do, but had loads of fun with this technique!  Jenny suggested that it might work on my wine bottles - going to find out!

Cold-Connected Bracelet.  Holly had a different (and easier) method for securing rivets and I got to play with different metal inks.  The possibilities are endless!

I finally was able to learn how to shape a heart out of a rock!  Our club isn't equipped to do this and I didn't want to waste rock practicing on mine.  I LOVE this piece of Rhodochrosite and Graphite.  The colors contrast so well together.  If you look closely you can even see my camera through the graphite sheen.

My first Larimar piece.  Very delicate stone!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Jenny and Ronda!  I had a great time and look forward to next year.  Rooming will be easy - Renee and I can share again!