Wednesday, December 9, 2015

HISTORY HOP - Paleolithic Style

Another Blog Hop...........

My first (my only) blog hop was the Bead Soup Blog Party.  I was very excited to have been included in this event and enjoyed hopping from blog to blog not only seeing their participation pieces, but to feel the energy of their work.

It has been a while since I have made a blog post.  Well, QUITE a while!  I didn't realize until I began this post.  The last year hasn't been a good one physically or mentally for me.  The year started out so exciting opening a gift store featuring local artists and small businesses.  After only 5 months in business, the mall where I was located asked me to leave.  The word going around was they were going to expand their non-existing food court.  Now, five months later the space is still empty!  Fate has a way of biting you in the butt!!!

Between all the good and bad of my store, I was diagnosed with chronic gastritis, fibromyalgia and sleep apnea.  It has not been a good year!  Now, the first week of December, I am finding my way back to the surface.  I am crawling out of bed and looking forward to getting back my craft.  Getting back to my personal business and changing the vision of my store.  So when I saw the post for the History Hop, the spark got brighter and I knew I was back!

I read all the information about the HISTORY HOP - Paleolithic Style, printed all the reference materials our hostess, Leah Curtis, supplied and off I went.  I located and watched Werner Herzog's documentary, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, and then my brain froze!  How was I going to make a piece of jewelry to honor that era in history?

I watched in amazement and frank jealousy as the scientists were allowed in the caves.  I itched to be there to experience everything and touch.   Touch!

Only an artist can understand touch.  AND NOT TO TOUCH!!!  The oils and grime from your fingers can do tremendous harm to old documents, artwork and fabric.  Only those who can appreciate this can restrain themselves and NOT TOUCH!  But, those beautiful walls so close, but so far, you know they wanted to touch!  To feel the essence of those who painted those walls.

And, so my brain froze!

Looking at all the amazing artwork took my breathe away!

Source:  Wikipedia

Source:  Wikipedia

Source:  Wikipedia

Source:  Wikipedia

Source:  Wikipedia
What could I design with minimal tools and items from that time in history???  Can you imagine their faces if they could see all the tools and beads we now have available?  All the paints and brushes.  All the fabrics!  This list goes on.

So as my mind absorbs the drawings on the cave walls, what hits me are the crystal formations.  That I can work with!  I start looking through my tons (literally, pounds and pounds!!!) of rock for my box of raw quartz.  Going through piece by piece for the perfect one.  Gotcha!!!

I decided to wrap the crystal with vintage bronze wire and clear iridescent seed beads.  Something simple.  So I gathered everything together..............

Finally, having a plan I start my piece and come to a huge road block.  This time it is not my brain!  Thankfully................but one of my cats, Bailey.  Bailey has been known to type Facebook posts, that is when he isn't laying on my hands making it VERY hard for me to post.  He also loves my bead board or anything else in front of me.  This time he took it further and crawled into my lap.  Trying to work around a cat sitting in your lap, staring at you, trying to get petted is an experience.  Every time I would take Bailey to another part of the house, here he is returning to my lap.

I finally finished the piece, but doing my post had to wait.

Before I reveal my piece, I would like to thank Leah Curtis for putting together this History Hop and for getting me back in the game.  I look forward to the next part of history!

Here is my finished piece, I hope that everyone likes it!  It's simple, but for me and that period and time, I think it works.  I did a wire weave and then wrapped it around the piece of quartz.  I finished it off with a piece of leather.

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