Sunday, March 16, 2014

Busy Busy Day

I had a very busy, but very productive day!

Today was the St. Lucie Rock and Gem Club's Tailgate Sale and Workshop Cleanup.  I managed to find a few more tools to add to my growing workshop!  Cleanup of the shop went well, even though my upholstery machine decided the stools were too gross for it to clean.  So we decided to just redo them.  We are taking off the grody fabric and replacing it with vinyl, so they can easily be cleaned with a sponge in the future!  Marilynn Papendick, Catherine King, Sandie Alexander and I are going to have a great time with aerosol cans and staple guns!  Everyone needs to watch out!!!

I also found out the hard way today that when I continually unscrew bolts, I will need to ice up my elbow.  The circular rotation is DEFINITELY a stresser!  Luckily, I have plenty of ice packs in the freezer!

Today I started a closed group page on Facebook for members of the St. Lucie County Rock and Gem Club.  There is so much information out there that can be shared more easily in a wireless format instead of looking at a wall of documents you can no longer see the print on.  If you are a member of the club and haven't received an invitation, please go to the Facebook group and ask to join.  Looking forward to organizing and sharing information on classes and resources.

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