Thursday, March 24, 2016

Meet My Swap-N-Hop Partner!

I am so excited to be a part of the 2016 Bead Peep's Swap-N-Hop.  A huge thanks to Linda Anderson for hosting this event.  Check out Linda's blog at From the Bead Board.

My partner for the 2016 Bead Peep Swap-N-Hop is Katy Grow Heider.  Although she has done a lot of beading techniques, she loves the freedom of bead embroidery to express her creativity.  Here are a few pictures of her work.

I kept her bead embroidery in mind when getting Katy's beads together.  And since she lives in New Hampshire, I wanted to send a little bit of Florida sunshine her way!  


My inspiration for Katy's beads was Florida and the ocean.  Katy lives in New Hampshire and I wanted to send a bit of sun her way!  Here is what was in her package.

This polymer clay shield was handcrafted by Julie Anstaett of Bellapate.  It reminds me of seawater rippling over the sand with the summer sun over head.

The bead palette was selected to match these colors and was finished off with a magnetic clasp.

You can see what Katy has made from these beads on May 15th.  In the meantime, check out her blog at On the Pond Creations.


Katy sent my beads in handmade pouches made with flower photos.  My card also had one of the photographs attached.

And what was in these pouches?  Can you guess?  Shibori ribbon!  The ribbon is from Shibori Girl on Etsy.  There are also aqua teardrop beads made by Unicorne Beads; some aqua glass discs with green sugar on the edges from ClassySassy on Etsy.  The handcrafted enameled clasp is from BeadSwede on Etsy.  To finish off there are an assortment of seed beads in green, blue and purple.

Everything is now sitting on my beading tray waiting for me to begin.  I am already getting an idea looking at the color scheme and shapes before me.  Make sure to check back on May 15th for the final reveal!


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