Monday, January 1, 2018

A Little Touch of Magic.....The Dutch Touch Way

I am always honored to be able to take an art doll workshop taught by these amazing women and this year, in particular, is especially special to me! 
This inspiration post is about the wonderful duo known as The Dutch Touch.  Meet Ankie Daanen and Marlaine Verhelst from the Netherlands!

Ankie Daanen & Marlaine Verhelst

I had attended previous art doll workshops and my instructor (and great friend), Anne Hesse (you will meet Annie in a later blog post), knowing how much I enjoyed the art of making dolls invited me to a workshop she was hosting in 2014.  The traveling duo is better known as The Dutch Touch.

I had already fallen in love with doll making with my Garden Party doll, but this sealed my fate forever and you will be seeing my own creations in the future.  Hopefully, I will even manage to let some go, but at the moment they are my treasured children so we will see how long it takes for me to actually put one up for sale.

My first hand-sculpted art doll was from the workshop FishBoy.  He is a boy riding around playing in his fish car.  Although the technique for the doll was very structured, we were given our own creative license with color and decorative accents.  My family deemed my FishBoy as very scary and reminded them of a Davey Bowie character from Labyrinth.  So meet Jareth.

Jareth by Deborah Apodaca

I am proud to say I have become close friends with some of the woman attending this workshop. Other doll and mixed media artists.  Although we live far distances from each other, we have reunited at another Dutch Touch workshop and keep in touch via Facebook.  

Ankie & Marlaine, The Dutch Touch, travel the world teaching their craft and come to our area every two years.  In 2016, although we were given a choice of making one doll, we were instructed on both the BirdGirl and Pierrot.  

 Pierrot by Deborah Apodaca

I am especially proud of my Pierrot (who has of yet not been given a name) as I was able to sculpt the perfect lips.  Hands are a struggle for me, but they will get better with practice.  My beautiful doll also has his own doll.

In February of 2018, the Dutch Touch will be arriving again to share their magic.  Our choices are the FishBoy for those who haven't attended this workshop and the Steampunk Girl, designed at our request.

You can find more information on Marlaine and Ankie's wonderful art dolls using the following links.  If you want to have a great time while learning the art of making dolls, check out their calendar to see when The Dutch Touch will be in your area or you can learn online at A For Artistic.  YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY!

Although my studio and art supplies are in storage while I prepare to sell my house, I have already begun the sketching of my first art doll design, Disguised.  She will be unveiled much later this year as I first have to find a new home and get my studio put back together.

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