Saturday, December 16, 2017

A Fresh New Start.......My Journey Back to Myself

The last five years have been a strain to say the least. 
I have had 11 surgeries, the majority of which were major.  Compound the physical and mental stresses of these procedures, I was part of a successful seasonal co-op, which led to me opening my own artisan based store.

Opening a store is time consuming and stressful all on it's own, but throw in having to close the store after 4 months in business and the end of a marriage and, well, it has not been a very good five years!

BUT, that is all behind me.  So, as I wait for final repairs to be made on my house and it is listed for sale, all of my equipment and supplies are being stored, ready to travel to their new home, wherever that may find me.

I am getting back my organizational skills and artistic feelings by starting at the beginning.  There will always be pen and paper unstored, along with my basic needles and small plier toolkit. So I am beginning to refresh my mind and hands with the basics: drawing circles, connecting chain and hooking yarn.  And reading..................

Ninety-eight percent of my books and magazines are art related.  Jewelry techniques from basic beading to faceting a gemstone, along with everything in between.  Fiber arts - knitting, crocheting, sewing and all types of mixed media.  Then I have Harry Potter, Diana Gabaldon, and my Bibles.  But, all of these are, of course, being stored so first thing in the morning as I drink my cup of coffee, I catch up on my reading.  Emails, Facebook, YouTube and links referenced from any of these to a particular technique or artist.

So this is my return journey to myself and I will begin by sharing my favorite things of the day.  Whether it be something I have hand-crafted or someone who inspires me.  Today, I share .....

Sandra Boynton 

Her biography on Facebook reads:
Sandra Boynton is an American cartoonist. humorist, songwriter, record producer, children's author, illustrator, and counterproductive kazooist. She has written and illustrated more than fifty books for both children and adults, as well as over four thousand greeting cards, and five music albums. She has also directed four music videos of her songs. Over 60 million of her books have been sold —"mostly to friends and family" she says.
I simply love waking up and seeing her adorable and witty cartoons as I turn to Facebook in the morning.  How can you start off with a bad humor when you have seen her quirky art?  You can't!

Check out her artwork and I dare you not to smile!!!

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