Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Pen, Paper and a Compass

Christmas this year was a simple affair.  It has actually been the first time in 3 years that I have celebrated and made any effort of decorating.  Little as it may have been.

Since all my belongings are currently packed away in storage, including all  my Christmas decorations, I started with a beautiful poinsettia.  I thought it would be all that I would need to properly celebrate the Christmas season, but then a friend, who has banished Christmas since the death of his wife, gave me a small adorable Christmas tree.  So it has been twinkling away reminding me of the season and of hope and new beginnings.

So after stuffing myself with a Christmas dinner that was prepared by our local supermarket, I sat down with the minimal of tools.........pen, paper and a compass and began to draw.  There was no rhyme or reason or even attention to color.  Just freeing my mind of the past.

So, my first piece of art since the losing of myself is just doodles with a gel pen.  A mandala or as we called them as kids, a kaleidoscope.  The sheen of the pen colors did not scan well, but I hope you enjoy it none the less.

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